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Feminized cannabis seeds are bred to produce only female marijuana plants, eliminating the risk of finding a male plant, ruining your perfect sinsemilla grow

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Autoflowering cannabis seeds automatically switch from vegetative to flowering within 2 - 4 weeks from germination. Making it perfect for a quick harvest

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Irrigation Components

Irrigation Components

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5mm Threaded/Barbed Adaptor


Microjet® Tube Adaptors are available in a number of different types and sizes for differing applications. This adaptor is threaded on one side and has a 5mm barb on the other side. It is used for connecting a 5mm flexible tube to the polyethylene lateral or to a rigid riser pipe. 

Chokes Barbed (5mm Piping)


Microjet® Chokes are used in conjunction with 4mm or 5mm Flexible PVC Tube or with Rigid Risers to restrict the volume of water passing through the tube. They are ideal for areas, such as potplants, where the watering amount might need to be adjusted to fit a certain area.

Full Flow Connector Coupling with Snap-on


The Snap-on® Polypipe Connector Coupling is used to make a temporary connection to a permanent installation. The Full Flow® compression side is connected to the permanent Microjet® system and the Snap-on® side is ready to be attached temporarily to a hosepipe with Snap-on® connectors attached.

Full Flow Flow Control


The Full Flow ®Flow Control is a fitting designed for restricting the flow in pipelines especially in undulating conditions where gravity causes an imbalance in operating pressures and this imbalance cannot be controlled by reducing pipe size alone.

Grommet Fitting Barbed - 15mm


Emjay® Grommet Fittings are used to tee off a PVC mainline with a drip or micro irrigation polypipe. Emjay® Grommet Fittings are made to precisely fit the Emjay® Grommet and form a perfect seal every time. 

Hose Clamp


Emjay® Hose Clamps are made of durable UV stabilized nylon and are used to secure Emjay® Insert Fittings in hose pipes or polyethylene pipes. The Emjay® Hose Clamps are fastened to the pipe by tightening the retaining screw, ensuring that the Emjay® Insert Fitting does not pull out under normal operating pressures.

NOTE: Clamps are 4mm larger than the intended pipe. So a 24mm clamp fits on 20mm pipes.

Insert Elbow


The Emjay® Insert Elbow is used for a pipeline which is required to turn through a 90° bend. It has two legs of the same size to join two lengths of polypipe of the same size. The use of Elbows is advised where the pipe needs to bend around a sharp corner which could kink the pipe if the Elbow were not used.

Insert End Plug


The Emjay® Insert End Plug is used to close off the end of a polyethylene pipeline. A popular way to do this is to bend the end of pipe over and then use wire or some other method to tie the two pieces of pipe together thus closing off the end. 

Insert Equal Tee


The Emjay® Insert Equal Tee Piece is used to join three lengths of polypipe of the same size. It is usually used to tee off a branch line connected to a main line of the same size.

Insert Flow Control


The Emjay® Flow Control is a fitting designed for restricting the flow in pipelines especially in undulating conditions where gravity causes an imbalance in operating pressures and this imbalance cannot be controlled by reducing pipe size alone.

Insert Male Adaptor (P x MI)


The Emjay® Insert Male Adaptor (P x MI) is used for connecting a polyethylene pipe to a B.S.P. threaded pipe, fitting or instrument. It has a standard Emjay® barb on one side with a male BSP thread on the other. A common use is as a takeoff from a manual or electric solenoid valve.

Insert Straight Connector


The Emjay® Insert Connector is used for connecting two lengths of polypipe of the same size.  This fitting solves a problem that occurs when the polypipe is moved around and the shorter fittings pull out when the joint is bent.  It was made because of customer requests for such a fitting.

Micro Mist Spray


The Micro Mist Spray is a Microjet® with a specially designed cap and base which produces a very fine mist which is not so fine as to be dissipated into the air without wetting the surface. It can, therefore be used for the irrigation of plants which require a very gentle precipitation such as very fine seedlings.

MicroJet Caps


Microjet® Caps snap on to the Microjet® Base and direct the water discharged by the orifice in the base in a unique discharge pattern. These caps are manufactured of a high quality, U.V. stabilized engineering plastic for maximum resistance to degradation by sunlight

Mistake Corrector Plug / Blank Plug


Blank plugs are used to repair holes which have been made in the wrong position in polyethylene pipe or if Microjets®, Rigid Risers or Stake Assemblies need to be moved. They are also known as “GOOF PLUGS”.

Irrigation Components