Nirvana shop SA have an extensive range of quality strains to pick from.

With over 32 Strains directly from the globally known Nirvana Seedbank in Amsterdam.

The history of Nirvana Seedbank can be traced back to the late 1980’s. At that time the current owner, of Nirvana Seedbank, was working at the legendary Amsterdam grow shop – Positronics. It was there where he gained the inspiration and knowledge to start his own Marijuana Seed business.

After spending years traveling, sorting and selecting the best and finest Cannabis Strains, he continued to experiment, grow, cross-breed and develop new Marijuana Strains during the years that followed. After continuous effort and persistence, only the very best range of first-rate hybrids were selected.

In 1995, after applying and expanding his knowledge in multiple Amsterdam grow shops, Nirvana Seedbank was officially founded. It was now the time to offer the world the expertise gained during those years and to share the excellent products he developed. Ever since its origin, Nirvana Seedbank only kept on growing in popularity for its high-quality Cannabis Seeds.

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