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Feminized cannabis seeds are bred to produce only female marijuana plants, eliminating the risk of finding a male plant, ruining your perfect sinsemilla grow

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Autoflowering cannabis seeds automatically switch from vegetative to flowering within 2 - 4 weeks from germination. Making it perfect for a quick harvest

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There are seedbanks all over the world offering seeds online, but why take the risk importing cannabis seeds if you can purchase them locally at your convenience? At Nirvana Shop SA we offer Nirvana Cannabis Seeds, directly from the Breeders in Amsterdam for the local market. We offer Nation Wide Courier delivery on all orders. All orders are shipped via trusted Courier Services, ensuring guaranteed delivery of your order.

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Additives & Boosters

Additives & Boosters

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BioBizz Acti Vera 500ml


BioBizz Acti Vera contains a Potent Source of Natural Enzymes. Boost the immune systems of your plants and improve nutrient uptake with BioBizz’s concentrated Aloe-Vera formula. By harnessing the power of this highly revered succulent, you’ll make your crop more resistant to a wide array of stress factors, such as environmental issues, pests and diseases, while also speeding up growth rates.

BioBizz Bio Heaven 500ml


Your plants will look forward to complete, all-round nirvana with BioBizz Bio Heaven. It contains carefully selected biological stimulants, such as amino acids – the basic building blocks for proteins and enzymes that are essential for the plant’s structure and metabolism.

BioBizz Root Juice 250ml


BioBizz Root Juice is made entirely from vegetable ingredients and designed for organic gardening. BioBizz Root Juice combines two amazing natural substances: premium humic acid and seaweed. It’s specially formulated to encourage vigorous root development and enhance the natural biological life that surrounds and supports your plant’s root system.

BioBizz Top Max 500ml
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BioBizz Top Max 500ml


BioBizz Top Max is one of the original liquid organic plant boosters and is still one of the best. Packed with goodness to help grow large, beautiful and aromatic flowers and fruits the natural way.

Biogrow Phyta 250ml


Phyta is a dual purpose nutrient supplying macro elements Potassium and Phosphorous as well as Zinc and Copper. The phosphorous is in the phosphite form, which is highly systemic throughout the plant. Phyta is chelated with organic acids. 

Biogrow Radivit 1kg


An organic composting agent, which contains all main compost bacteria together with enzymes & fungus cultures. Added nutrients provide an easily digested nutritional medium for the micro-organisms and thus facilitate rapid, optimum rotting, even for materials with low levels of nutrients such as autumn leaves and chopped tree cuttings.

Umya CalMag Essential 500ml


CMK 14 (7:0:6 + Ca+Mg+Zn+B)

Specifically developed to improve soil CEC (cation exchange capacity). CalMag Essential supplements the soil with all the main base cations improving soil structure stability, nutrient availability, soil pH and the soil’s reaction to fertilizers.

Umya Carbon K 500g


Carbon Integrated Potassium

Carbon K is a water-soluble supplement specifically developed as a flower enhancer for use in mid – late flowering.

Umya Hormo Cibus Spray 1 Liter


Naturally occurring plant hormones in a ready to use spray. Hormo Cibus contains all of the five major types of hormones in plants, namely: auxins, cytokinins, gibberellins, ethylene and abscisic acid and benefits plants

Umya Moss Blend 250g


Reg No.: K 8903

A specialized blend of more than 30 important beneficial microorganisms blended together as an effective microorganism inoculant. Mos Blend when applied to the soil builds better soil structure, benefits nitrogen fixation, helps the plant fight nematodes, insects and other parasitic organisms, by colonizing the root zone and attacking soil borne diseases.

Umya Multi Kelp 500ml


Multi Kelp seaweed concentrate consists of three types of kelp – Laminaria digitate, Ascophyllum nodosum, Ecklonia maxima

For indoor/outdoor use on flowers, vegetables and ornamentals

Stimulates root, shoot growth and fruit growth.

Umya NC 32 500ml


(Carbon Integrated Nitrogen) Reg No.: K 8904

32% Organic Nitrogen boost for vigorous plant growth in the vegetative stage. This is a Carbon integrated Nitrogen Fertilizer and/or foliar fertilizer for the nutritional needs of all and any crop or plant.

Umya Pot Radix 500g


(8:4:15 + TE + Org)

Give your plants the best start to life. Pot Radix helps plants establish and grow healthy roots, laying a solid foundation for the plant’s transition into the vegetative stage.

Additives & Boosters

Marijuana Additives

Here you'll find several additives, boosters, stimulators and supplements for your marijuana plants. A balanced and complete nutrition is the key for a successful harvest and we make sure you have right additives to make the most of your strain.