Nirvanashop SA understands how Bitcoin can look very complicated to someone who has never touched bitcoins before. In reality it's very easy!

Why Bitcoins?

credit card

Pay with Credit Cards

You can buy bitcoins with credit and debit cards. With this you can buy Cannabis seeds with Master and Visa Cards through bitcoins.


Easy setup only takes 20 minutes

If it's your first time paying with bitcoins you will have to follow a few steps to setup a wallet. After that it's as easy as paying with Paypal or Credit Cards.

Choose your preferred option

In order to pay with bitcoin (or other supported cryptos), you need to have a bitcoin wallet with some bitcoin in it. Here are some suggestions on how to pay with bitcoin using a credit card.

You can create a wallet with (Popular within South Africa) or and install their application on your mobile device or use their web wallet. The whole process is a bit cumbersome but once you cleared the red tape you're good to go and future purchases will be a breeze.


Possibility to pay with Credit Card or Bank account

You can pay within the app/webwallet with your credit card or bank account.


Proof of identity

During the registration you need to provide a proper id that they will check on the fly.


A working camera

In order to complete the ID verification Luno or Coinbase might ask you yo use a camera.

Please note that Coinbase has a 8 day waiting period when you pay with credit card the first time. This is a security measure. The best is to wait with ordering until these 8 days are over. When you can access your funds, you place your order. You will be redirected to our crypto payments provider.

Nirvanashop SA Bitcoin address during checkout

During checkout you will be redirected to our crypto payment provider. The landing page looks as follows:


By clicking the coin of your choice, the next window opens:


If you are on our payment window and your wallet is not opened when you click the pay button (mostly when you use a web wallet), you will only get a blank window in a new browser tab/window. In that case go back to the original window and click the bitcoin address to copy it to memory and paste it in your wallet. Do the same with the bitcoin amount.

Once you send the payment we are notified. We will wait for 3 confirmations which usually arrive within 30 minutes. When we have these 3 confirmations, your order is set to paid.

Introduction to Moonpay

you can buy your bitcoin with a credit card (debit I am not sure of) at For this type of payment you do not need to have your own wallet. You can provide your order's bitcoin address during the transaction and so you pay directly to our wallet.

Moonpay charges a fee (4.5% with a minimum of $5) for your transaction and also their exchange rate is set to make them a profit. We do expect to receive the bitcoin amount that is provided to you during the checkout. add this amount instead of your USD order amount or your order will be delayed. see image below. If you use moonpay for the first time it is possible that they want to check your ID. please make sure that you have your ID at hand.